Tip #4: Local Search

So far, we have been talking about search engine rankings, but what is known as “organic search” … these are the regular search results you are familiar with.

However, if somebody’s intent is to search for something locally, Google will first present them with local search results before the regular results. 

That means, even if your website is #1, in a local search a group of (usually 3) local business listings and Google Maps will instead appear first:

Does this mean you need to create another listing? Actually, yes. Along with your website, you need a local listing in Google Maps.

The next question, naturally, is how to get in this “three pack” of local results? Google states right on their local search page how they determine local ranking. They are:

Relevance – How​ well does your business match what the user is searching for?

Distance – How​ far away is your business from where the user searched?

Prominence – How well-known is your business?​

Prominence is an important one. This ties into your website and how well your business ranks in organic search. Prominence also ties into the next two tips, which help in making your website more popular and with a great reputation.

Back to Google Maps. If you have been open for a while, chances are somebody has already listed you. If not, you can create a listing and begin ranking in local search, as well as rank in regular search with your website. This actually gives you TWO opportunities to increase traffic to your business.

To create your local listing, go to Google My Business: 


Once you set up a listing and verify it (usually through a PIN number or physical mail to make sure your mailing address is real), you can add details such as:

  • Your business name (exact same as the “NAP” details on your website)
  • Hours of operation
  • Photos of your business
  • Virtual video tour of your premises
  • Your address (same as NAP)
  • Your location on Google Maps
  • Your services
  • Your phone number (same as NAP)
  • Your website address

In case you missed it, here’s the link to Tip #1.

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