Using Keywords Properly

Tip #2: Look at Your On-Page SEO

What to do with all these keywords? Now that you have an idea of what your customers are searching for, it’s time to put some of them into your website … but in a natural way. Don’t begin filling your home page with words (aka “keyword stuffing”) such as “Find a plumber in Tacoma wa if you have an emergency plumber in Tacoma licensed plumbers in Tacoma will clean your drains …” That will get you banned from Google really fast.

Instead, write sentences and paragraphs for your website that naturally includes these keywords. So, thinking of a selection of keywords found in Google, you can write something like this:

We are licensed plumbers in Tacoma also servicing Lakewood, Federal Way, and Gig Harbor. Do you have an emergency? We are available on-call 24/7. Our services include sewer and drain cleaning, water heater installation and plumbing repair.”

This is natural sounding, but includes many of the keywords people search for, such as licensed plumbers, Tacoma, emergency, sewer cleaning, drain cleaning, etc.

Sprinkle your keywords all over your page, but in a natural, informative way. Whatever terms you want to rank for, add them to the following elements:

  • Your Title

  • Your Meta Description

  • Your H1 header tags

  • Within paragraphs

  • In your navigation


Other on-page factors to keep in mind include:

The speed of your website – Use a quality web host and proper website software, such as WordPress. If you are using WordPress, do not overload it with plugins. Each plugin slows your site down just a little bit. WordPress also has special plugins to increase your website speed.

Quality content – You can increase your exposure through high-quality instructional blog posts related to your business (ie “how to unclog a sink” if you are a plumber).

Social proof – Though not officially a ranking factor, social proof is a very powerful method to increase sales and indirectly affect SEO rankings.

Customer testimonials, endorsements and reviews will have visitors staying on your website longer, convincing them that you are the right business for the job they need performed.

These testimonials and reviews also add to the keyword-rich content on your website, further improving the odds you will rank in Google.

NAP (For local businesses) Name, Address, Phone. Make sure your business name, business address and phone number appear on every page of your site – usually in the header and/or footer. This is very important, as we will see in Tip #4.


In case you missed it, Tip #1 can be found here.

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