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Tip #6: Review Management

Like citations, these same websites usually also have reviews about your business. When you claim your business, you also have an opportunity to respond to reviews. 

All your reviews are known as your online reputation. Of course, you want to have an excellent reputation! This will affect the rankings of your local listing.

Positive reviews are gold, of course, but make sure you respond to them. You don’t have to be too detailed, simply say thank you, but be specific. If the reviewer’s name is Jim, say “Thank you, Jim, for those kind words!” 

While positive reviews are of course fantastic, every business will get negative reviews. However, you can even turn these into something positive. How you respond to a negative review is the exact same as how you respond to a positive review. In both cases, potential future customers, clients and leads will read how you react.

The first step is acknowledging that a problem occurred. Apologize and sympathize.

Next, apologize but with a bit of a marketing angle. Something like “we are normally known for our exceptional attention to detail, and we regret that this didn’t happen in this case​.”

Finally, end it by offering to talk offline, and give them your personal name and your phone number to try and resolve the issue.

However, don’t mention your business name. You don’t want the potential of this actual negative review showing up in the search results when somebody types in your business!

No matter what, though, always respond to negative reviews. Future customers looking you up will see that you took the time, care and energy to answer it.

You will want to keep encouraging great reviews. To do so, simply ask your current customers! Here are some other ways:

  • Ask for a review in a follow-up email (after you know they are satisfied!)
  • Create business cards with review instructions on the back
  • Place a review button on your website … and list the reviews once you have some
  • Ask on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Give instructional flyers to satisfied customers as well

How and when will you ask for customer reviews? If you are a limo company, asking right after the ride is best, because it is fresh in their minds.

If you a home improvement company, it’s best to ask a week or so after everything is complete. That way, your customer will have had time to enjoy their new addition or renovation, and you can phone or email them for a follow-up. 

During that time, you can find out if they love everything or if there are some problems. If there are problems, you want to get those fixed before asking for an online review!

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