Tip #3: Perform an SEO Audit

Once you have your content and other on-page SEO factors complete, it is time to perform an SEO audit. What is this? It’s checking that your website could rank well in Google search.

First, it’s time to register in Google. While Google will likely find your website anyway, we might as well encourage them as much as  possible to find and index your website and all your pages. To do this, register at Google Search Console:


Once you add and verify your website, you will begin to see data about your website:

The Google search console will scan your website for any errors, usability issues, security, etc that could all impede your rankings.

You can also check Google itself to see if all your pages are indexed. Go to Google and type in site:yourdomainname.com. Google will return all the pages in its database. If some pages are not included, it’s either because they are too new or there are some problems.

Finally, check the site speed of your website. Google loves website to be fast, and anything above 80% is decent. Check your website here:

In case you missed it, Tip #1 can be found here.

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