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Tip #7: Link Building Outreach


While citations help “power” your local listing, your website itself is “powered” mainly by links from other websites. This is also known as “off-page SEO” and your link building outreach is critical to boosting traffic on your website.

Say you own a restaurant in New York. A large, highly authoritative magazine such as Grubstreet​ publishes an article and mentions your business.

Not only will you definitely see a huge boost in traffic to your shop, but your website will also get a huge boost in the organic search engine rankings.

Why? Because the article will likely have a link that goes back to your website. For example, you can see a link to a website called “Take31” from a high-quality, authoritative site:

Example of website with backlink and highlighted anchor text that is a good example of effective link building.

Google will then find and catalog this link, analyze it, and note that the link was referenced from a highly respected publication. This link acts as a “vote of confidence” to your site.

You can bet that this restaurant gained lots of rankings a few days after this article was published online!

Along with featured interviews in prestigious magazines, how else can you get backlinks to your website as part of you link building outreach? There are several ways:

Press Releases

An informative, newsworthy press release will be picked up by several media outlets. Your local newspaper (the online edition), regional outlets, television news, radio and national news websites may pick up your press release and publish it, complete with links back to your site.

YouTube Videos

Videos you publish on your YouTube channel can have links back to your website.

Blog Comments and Forum Posts

Look for blogs and forums relevant to your industry and join in the conversation. If you leave thoughtful, legitimate comments and advice, you can leave a link to your business that the site owners will approve of.

Guest Posts

A powerful way strategy for posting comments on blogs and forums is that you get to know the website owner. 

After contributing to great conversations for a few weeks or months, you will become known as a bit of an authority figure in your business. Approach the owner personally and ask if you can contribute guest articles to their site. You will leave a link to your site in the “About the author” credits.

Social Media Properties

Be sure to post your articles and products to your social media properties. Your Facebook business page, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networks should all include links back to your website.

There we are, 7 tips to get more customers from search engine rankings! As you go through each tip, both the organic rankings of your website and the local ranking of your business listing will become stronger and stronger. 

To stay on top, keep up with these tips! Build and maintain your citations, review, respond and encourage reviews, keep publishing content and keep building new links. Now watch for a steady increase of customers, and more and more of them saying “Nice place. I found you online!”

Here’s a link to the first article in the series in-case you missed it.

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