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4 Social Media Calendar Tips that Drive Customer Engagement

One of the keys to a successful social media or blogging presence is consistency. Using a Social Media Calendar to help you publish on a regular schedule is essential if you want to develop a solid following.

A favorite tool of mine used to generate and manage a Social Media calendar is Trello, but there are several free and paid calendar templates available by searching across the Internet.

Keep some of the items listed below in mind for your marketing calendar:

Social Media Calendar Tips

  1. Seasonality: What product or service are you wanting to promote that that may be targeting that specific season? Get those lined up in advance so you are not scrambling and miss the opportunity (because we all procrastinate).
  2. Create Urgency: People like to plan ahead (but are usually reactive). What can you promote that is time-sensitive, such as limited supply, expiring discounts, etc.? You need sufficient time to stock inventory, create content, test your promotions, to confidently know it’s going to be a great promotion!
  3. Target Your Audience: Do you know your audience? Based on your media type, what will generate the most opens, shares, and traffic to your website? Ultimately your social media campaigns need to produce. Your schedule should identify your target audience. Existing customers? New customers? Seasonal customers? Social Demographic?
  4. Run Experiments: Social Media is a continually evolving medium. Nobody has it all figured out, so be willing to try new things on occasion as a discovery exercise. You might hear the term A/B testing? Just changing a title of a post can sometimes increase engagement substantially.

Additional Tricks

There are media tools available that can help you write engaging titles:

You can also outsource some or all of your social media content creation to a professional team.

A social media planning calendar is a great addition to your overall marketing plan. It has been essential for my businesses, and I’ve seen great synergy between various marketing channels and sales growth because of it.

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